Kanyakumari…The land of the eternal goddess!

Kanyakumari_A beautiful day!

Have you ever been to a place, the memory of which stays with you forever? 

Have you ever connected to a place almost instantly? 

Such memories are always treasured, are they not? 

My recent voyage to Kanyakumari surely counts as one such trip. Was it the sun kissed beach during dusk or the fresh sea breeze during dawn that I fell in love with, alas! I know not. 

The poetic beauty of the trio of seas fusing into one and swirling merrily at the feet of our country, the bright and vibrant hues of the sky at the brink of the ocean, and the imprinted footsteps writing their own sagas in the rainbow-colored sand will all stay with me forever. 

It is during this travel that I realised to its core that the energy of nature and its bounty is second to none. It not only revives, but rejuvenates too.

Kanyakumari, the land named after the eternal goddess, blesses all approaching it with picturesque and calm memoirs, and hence keeps beckoning me to return for more. 

Soon, divine coast! Very soon!

Kanyakumari_Of Magical Dawns and Enchanting Dusks


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