What defines yourself is nothing but YOU!

Seeing a vibrant butterfly in my garden today made me wonder greatly about its miraculous journey through life. From a small caterpillar busily chomping away and feasting on leaves and flowers, the busybody caterpillar then rests peacefully in its cocoon as a larva, and then blossoms into a beautiful butterfly, the colours and symmetry of which puts everyone in awe.

Are we not the very same? Shaping ourselves from infancy, through teenage to adulthood, we are all also bright butterflies fluttering in the garden of the universe.

What shapes us I wonder? What is our cocoon made of? 

Naturally we are influenced by our near ones, our surroundings, our faith and much more.

But is it just that? If so, then we will not see businessmen sprouting out from slums, or criminals from a peaceful family background.

No, it is not only about the influences or inspirations. It is about what we choose to become.


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