Life, Death and everything in between!

Life…Ah! Such a beautiful word! 

Just a single word to define our intriguing voyage through many many days, years and decades.

A voyage where we as travellers can vary everything else except the duration of the journey.

When I think or read on life, my mind moves into a very complicated maze of questions. For finding a way out, I indulge in reading further.

Some say life is not about the destination, but only about the path travelled.

Some say life and death are a cycle of events, and that the soul is a constant.

I, an ignorant normal person, have been in awe of books speaking of reincarnation and the journey of souls and the concept of Advaita.

Though I understand it all, I am yet to immerse myself into the concept, which is a work in progress.

I have, till date, deciphered only a tiny gist from all my spiritual forays into literature.

Life, is just a means of evoking the goodness in you. It doesn’t mean becoming a perfectly good human being in a day. 

Rather, it points out to the free spirit of acknowledgement and acceptance of once shortcomings and then overriding them to find nothing but good. Of seeing the best in others. In general, of finding the good. In you and in everyone else.

I have now understood that the basic element of our life, the constant one, alias the soul, is the purest of pure energy.

We need to foster this energy forward. From ourselves to our family, then to our locality, our nation, our world and ultimately our universe.

This is the energy that will drive us forward in not only this life but also on the journey that we all are subconsciously undertaking since time unknown.

The key essence for this journey seems to be nothing else but pure, old, love.

Love for everything, starting from us to everything else. Love for the trees and the birds, the bees and the ants, the cats and the mice, the forest and the desert, the seas and the sands, the mountains and the streams, the lion and the deer, the king and the pauper, the child and the elder. Love which sees no difference in any of these.

If we are capable of such love, then we will realise the meaning of life. And will be powerful enough to overlook the fear and the pain of death.

I now understand that it is not this knowledge which is difficult to attain, but it is the practice of the same.

A state of love for one and for all, is hence my ultimate destination.

In a constant effort to reach the same,


An amateur attempt at editing by me!

P.S: An intense article from a young blogger I know, is the inspiration behind this one.


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