All we need is a Ray of Hope!

This is the post excerpt.


We are born into a childhood brimming with fantasies and fairytales, of magical miracles and happily ever afters, of fairies and princesses, of blacks and whites and of rights and wrongs.

But Alas! life happens and we spurt into adulthood. In a world of responsibilities and a whirlwind of chaotic happenings, the life of a layman idly passes by. The blacks and whites merge into various shades of greys.

Amidst all these, here I am wondering what to make of this world that threatens to swallow me up, like a straw in a haystack.

While political biggies fight over anything else but the issues relevant, while media glosses hours over a celebrity’s private life ignorant to the pleas of the deprived, while love and kindness are traded for pennies, while family talks are just limited to phoney posts, while friends and kin are just a number on your social page, while sports are limited to just those on the keyboard…My mind is wrapped in a cocoon of uncertainty and helplessness over what we are turning the world into.

It is like being a kite in the cloudy sky, eagerly awaiting sunshine to pierce through to make you shine and suddenly realising that the sun is just a myth.

All around I hear words of reassurance and promises of a better tomorrow, from everyone from the most powerful leader in the world to my mother, but how it is to happen is what I fret over the most.

I like to think of a guardian fairy popping up and waving the wand over the world to put it to rights.

Then somewhere I come across the words:

All that is required to change the world is one act of random kindness at a time.

The thought has made me see the world in a new light ever since.

I now see big corporates quitting there jobs to spend the rest of their lives in villages, I now see youngsters willing to explore the ancient treasures of yoga and spiritual heritage, I now find people craving to keep in touch with their roots inspite of living in another continent, I now see people cutting down on festivities to donate to charities, I find people willing to share their homes with the abandoned, and I discover that goodness is still present in the world in all forms, albeit being hidden under an invisibility cloak, visible to only those who seek it.

The biggest change that has to occur has to be in us, I now realise.

I have now found that the magical ingredient to a great life is nothing but a pinch of hope and I plan to stick to it.

We just need to believe that it is all that is inside that matters and let that ray of hope shine through the thick cloudy skies to give meaning to our otherwise bland life.

If we have hope, nothing is lost. Let the same into all lives possible and you will do your bit of good in the world.

I will now live life in ‘one random act of kindness a day’ way.




Pic taken by me at a beach in Kerala.

Kanyakumari…The land of the eternal goddess!

Kanyakumari_A beautiful day!

Have you ever been to a place, the memory of which stays with you forever? 

Have you ever connected to a place almost instantly? 

Such memories are always treasured, are they not? 

My recent voyage to Kanyakumari surely counts as one such trip. Was it the sun kissed beach during dusk or the fresh sea breeze during dawn that I fell in love with, alas! I know not. 

The poetic beauty of the trio of seas fusing into one and swirling merrily at the feet of our country, the bright and vibrant hues of the sky at the brink of the ocean, and the imprinted footsteps writing their own sagas in the rainbow-colored sand will all stay with me forever. 

It is during this travel that I realised to its core that the energy of nature and its bounty is second to none. It not only revives, but rejuvenates too.

Kanyakumari, the land named after the eternal goddess, blesses all approaching it with picturesque and calm memoirs, and hence keeps beckoning me to return for more. 

Soon, divine coast! Very soon!

Kanyakumari_Of Magical Dawns and Enchanting Dusks

What defines yourself is nothing but YOU!

Seeing a vibrant butterfly in my garden today made me wonder greatly about its miraculous journey through life. From a small caterpillar busily chomping away and feasting on leaves and flowers, the busybody caterpillar then rests peacefully in its cocoon as a larva, and then blossoms into a beautiful butterfly, the colours and symmetry of which puts everyone in awe.

Are we not the very same? Shaping ourselves from infancy, through teenage to adulthood, we are all also bright butterflies fluttering in the garden of the universe.

What shapes us I wonder? What is our cocoon made of? 

Naturally we are influenced by our near ones, our surroundings, our faith and much more.

But is it just that? If so, then we will not see businessmen sprouting out from slums, or criminals from a peaceful family background.

No, it is not only about the influences or inspirations. It is about what we choose to become.

The Entrapped Soul!

A poem I wrote when I started rhyming and was in tenth grade… I remember reading the Diary of Anne Frank and imagining myself in her situation!

That was the inspiration behind this one 🙂

 Though childish posting it here for the memory’s sake!

Dedication to all the trapped souls out there… It is never too late to break free and to let your spirit soar!

I am a caged bird,

longing to touch the sky,

feeling the cool breeze pass by…!!!

I am a caged bird,

wishing to drip in the rain,

aahh…but sadly in vain…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who wants to bask in d sun,

chirping wid others havin fun…!!!

I am a caged bird,

dreaming of far away woods,

full of blooming flowers n shoots…!!!

I am a caged bird,

who craves to touch the rainbow,

Oh how…alas! she doesn’t simply know…!!!

I am a caged bird,

wanting while smelling the fresh earth,

To welcome the arriving drizzle out on the open heath…!!!

I am a caged bird,

who is waiting every passing moment,

to live the life of a free spirit and not to lament…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who views the world from behind the bars,

but someday still wishes to reach to the stars…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who is waiting to feel the glee,

of finally somehow being able to flee…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Oh! how I wish and how I long,

To fly under the sun and the skies, singing a song…!!!

I am a caged bird,

leading a life as slow as a cart,

while no one seems to notice that I also own a heart.

I am a caged bird,

tell me what can I do when I see others glide,

except letting ma hot tears slide…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who wants to soar upto great heights,

To feel the thrill of a long lovely flight…!!!

I am a caged bird,

How I wanna go beyond ma limits,

Though deep down I know how damn impossible it is…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who believes that every cloud has a silver lining,

And so hopes to feel the heat of the round sun shining…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who is really really lonely and tired,

Of living all alone in the round cage wired…!!!

I am a caged bird,

And I wonder how b’ful will the sunset look,

while quenching the thirst from a fresh water brook…!!!

I am a caged bird,

ask me how hard it is to wear a smile so fake on your face,

trying to hide gloom by not letting your tears leave any trace…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who everyday tries her best to hide,

her hurting, burning, weeping inside…!!!

I am a caged bird,

Who hopes sorrow to be a momentary tide that will pass away,

To bring times that will be merry and gay…!!!

I am a caged bid,

Who’s life can now be called a dusk,

or a petty,worthlesss husk…!!!

I am a caged bird,

I don’t really know how to let you know…

my state of loneliness, Oh! how can I show…!!!

I am a caged bird,

I just need some breaths of fresh air,

but truly no one seems to care…!!!

I am a caged bird,

The more and more I yearn for happiness,

The more does ma life’s path move into darkness…!!!

I am a caged bird,

I dunno how very long will I have to wait,

but I am helpless with ma present suffering and fate…!!!

I am a caged bird,

or as someone rightly said a silent lamp,

Who spreads smiles n happiness while having her own eyes damp…!!!

I am a caged bird,

And though God gets me fed and watered,

my grief never ends that….



Life, Death and everything in between!

Life…Ah! Such a beautiful word! 

Just a single word to define our intriguing voyage through many many days, years and decades.

A voyage where we as travellers can vary everything else except the duration of the journey.

When I think or read on life, my mind moves into a very complicated maze of questions. For finding a way out, I indulge in reading further.

Some say life is not about the destination, but only about the path travelled.

Some say life and death are a cycle of events, and that the soul is a constant.

I, an ignorant normal person, have been in awe of books speaking of reincarnation and the journey of souls and the concept of Advaita.

Though I understand it all, I am yet to immerse myself into the concept, which is a work in progress.

I have, till date, deciphered only a tiny gist from all my spiritual forays into literature.

Life, is just a means of evoking the goodness in you. It doesn’t mean becoming a perfectly good human being in a day. 

Rather, it points out to the free spirit of acknowledgement and acceptance of once shortcomings and then overriding them to find nothing but good. Of seeing the best in others. In general, of finding the good. In you and in everyone else.

I have now understood that the basic element of our life, the constant one, alias the soul, is the purest of pure energy.

We need to foster this energy forward. From ourselves to our family, then to our locality, our nation, our world and ultimately our universe.

This is the energy that will drive us forward in not only this life but also on the journey that we all are subconsciously undertaking since time unknown.

The key essence for this journey seems to be nothing else but pure, old, love.

Love for everything, starting from us to everything else. Love for the trees and the birds, the bees and the ants, the cats and the mice, the forest and the desert, the seas and the sands, the mountains and the streams, the lion and the deer, the king and the pauper, the child and the elder. Love which sees no difference in any of these.

If we are capable of such love, then we will realise the meaning of life. And will be powerful enough to overlook the fear and the pain of death.

I now understand that it is not this knowledge which is difficult to attain, but it is the practice of the same.

A state of love for one and for all, is hence my ultimate destination.

In a constant effort to reach the same,


An amateur attempt at editing by me!

P.S: An intense article from a young blogger I know, is the inspiration behind this one.